I-Mentoring System (IMs)

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I-Mentoring is a relationship between a mentor (a lecturer of the University) and mentees (a small group of students; 6-10 students per group). The process of mentoring is based on encouragement, constructive comments, openness, mutual trust, respect, and a willingness to learn and share. The Mentor-Mentee System is a component of student support mechanism of the University. Every student in the Medical Faculty is assigned a mentor upon enrolment. Mentors are expected to conduct weekly formal meeting sessions with their mentees during Reflection Sessions. Admin can create user (lecturer and student), which is one lecturer have 6-10 of mentees.


To provide support system for academic, social, fiscal or other students’ problem. To enhance student-lecturer communication. To evaluate the soft skills of students as per the learning objectives of MBBS/BDS program. To forms a platform for formative assessment of affective domain components for students’ learning outcomes.

User's Profile

Admin can create user's profile and assign their rules. Student can see their details like personal background, education background and medical background

Mentor Assesment

Lecturers will evaluate their mentee every week and require to gives mark to them.

Mentee Assesment

Student must do assessment of affective domain every week. They must evaluate for themselves and their peer for every category. They only can submit once a week, they cannot update after submit.

Reflective Journal

Reflective Journal: Student must fill up their reflective journal every week. They can update within a week (Monday until Sunday).


Admin can view non-submission report for decision making purposes

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