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About Us

Our History

Platinum Icon Sdn Bhd is an online MSC (multimedia super corridor) status company, estalished since 2010. Platinum Icon Sdn Bhd was incoperated in Research, development and commercialization of ERP solution namely Platinum Integrated Suite

Work Enviroment

Our Vision

To put data into the hands of users to make them look brilliant and that help them make smart decisions.

Our Client Charter

We promise to provide you high quality service in the following ways:

1.Through Clear and accurate Communication at all times.

2.By being responsive to your needs and urgencies.

3.Through the timely provision of services.

4.By preserving the confidentiality of personal and business information

Our Values & Culture

Provide and cheerful, caring and supportive environment

Learn good habits, values, discipline and teamwork

Allow staff to make mistakes / choices

Threat each other with respect

Invest in your learning

Nurture independence and confidence

Understand your strengths and weaknesses, explore your potential

Manage your time. Have time management goals and plans.